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Dog stairs Atlanta - Green - 40cm

GoldenPaw Atlanta steps for dogs - 40cm high - Velvet

  • For young and older dogs
  • For dogs with back or joint problems
  • Versatile use
  • Cover easily removable and washable
  • Made of upholstery foam

The plush dog stairs have all the advantages!
Both dogs and humans are susceptible to diseases or degenerations that ruin their health. Back problems make it extremely difficult to get around. Other dogs, due to their size, are physically unable to make the high jump to climb onto their beloved couch. In others, on the other hand, the joints refuse to obey because of their age, causing pain. If you want to make it easier for your pet to move around every day and allow him to conquer new corners of your home, a top quality staircase is the perfect solution.

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    Also available in other colors and heights

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    Standard 2 year manufacturer's warranty